Our Impact

Since 2009, Achieve in Africa has worked in rural villages of Tanzania to refurbish and expand an overcrowded primary school, build a village’s first secondary school, provide a community learning center, and equip two schools with electricity. Current efforts are focused on constructing more classrooms and desks to expand the secondary school, which currently benefits over 1,200 students.

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Education Matters to Nai Malula

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Nai Malula is only 14, but she understands the significance of having an education locally available to her. Nai’s father passed away when she was five, and she has been living with her mother ever since. Nai attended Olasiti Primary School, a school renovated by Achieve in Africa. Unfortunately, Olasiti village never had a secondary school. Nai’s mother did not have any funds available to allow her daughter to take a bus each day to another village to attend school.

Nai has a story that many students relate to, “I know a neighbor who couldn’t make it to form four because she got pregnant on the way, it was because she was traveling far for a school and she was seduced by the bus drivers.” Aware of this problem, Achieve in Africa has been building classrooms and desks to build Olasiti village its first secondary school.

Nai is grateful to have a secondary school to attend. In her words, “Thank you Achieve in Africa. We appreciate what you have done for us. It’s a memory that will never get away.”

Our Vision and Mission

Education can alleviate poverty, hunger, and the AIDS epidemic in Africa. Improve education in rural Africa to provide children with the opportunity to reach their full potential, lead better lives, and inspire future generations.

Building Classrooms. Relationships. Futures.

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