A Thank You to One of Our Own!


With Memorial Day fresh on our minds in the US, our thoughts have been with the deployment of Ric Rivera. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank Ric for all that he’s done for AIA, and wish him a safe deployment!

Ric began as our Treasurer in 2010, and is currently deployed with the US Navy in Djibouti Africa. We asked him to give us a snippet of what life in his role as a logistical coordinator is like. Here’s what he sent us:

“On a typical day, I wake up around 0600 get ready for the day. I have breakfast a little before 0700. My walk to the chow hall is about 5 minutes, which is good considering that temperatures here have been between mid 80’s to mid 90’s. I’m told during the summer months I should expect to be sweating earlier in the mornings. I enter the chow hall and wait in line to wash my hands. Everyone is required to wash their hands to get chow. The food is, in my opinion, really good. There’s a huge variety. And this being the main source for meals, there’s enough for everyone. I get to my office well before 0800, to get ready to muster and brief my department. Our work is integral to ensuring the continued operations of the numerous projects on base. My departments breaks for lunch and physical training (PT). When we return we conduct military training to keep our skills and knowledge up to date. After work, I exercise for a couple of hours. On some days, I stand a “watch” that requires me to patrol the base keeping the grounds secure. I always try to fit in time to talk to my family. Because of the huge time difference I wait for later in the evening to FaceTime with the family. Always, makes my day after talking to the family.”

Ric Rivera

Ric and his wife are expecting a new baby girl in September of this year, and Ric looks forward to being back home for her birth. We wholeheartedly thank Ric for all he has done for our organization, and wish him and his wife the very best in the weeks and months ahead as they welcome their new baby girl into the world!