Olasiti Village Lacks A Secondary School

Even the brightest and most capable students are unable to continue past a primary education in Olasiti village since there is not a Secondary School (equivalent of high school in the US) in or near the village. Due to the lack of a Secondary School, children are stopping school after the equivalent of 6th grade.

Local Collaboration

To provide these children with an opportunity to continue their education, we are eagerly looking to build Olasiti village its first Secondary School. We are collaborating with the local Tanzanian Government so that for every classroom we build, the Tanzanian government will fully fund the roof and the salary of a new teacher. We work with a female contractor from the village who employs other local village laborers and oversees classroom and desk construction. By employing local village laborers to complete this work, our projects benefit the economy of the village as the construction takes place. With your help, we can construct a new classroom for $11,000 and a new desk for $50.

Our Impact on Olasiti Village

These children below are current students of Olasiti Primary School and future students of Olasiti Secondary School. Without this secondary school, these children would not have an opportunity for further education. Today, the secondary school serves over 1,000 students.

Future Sec Students 500 x 374

Hear directly from the teachers about the impact we are making.

Issues Children Are Facing

Without a school nearby and any formal bus system, students had to rely on getting rides on the back of supply trucks en route to a neighboring village. Students were easily injured on these rides. Additionally, students often did not have funds to pay for these rides, and some female students were subjected to having relations with the drivers in exchange for paying for the rides. As a result, some female students became pregnant and had to drop out of school entirely. The residents of the village and local government had minimal funds to contribute for a school.

Our Progress

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Olasiti Secondary School opened in January 2012 to 200 students.  In January 2013, an additional 400 students enrolled at the school.  In January 2014, an additional 200 students arrived. With an additional 200 students arriving in January 2015, the school now serves over 1,000 students. The school currently has 22 classrooms and 10 bathrooms. We are now in the beginning stages of constructing an additional 20 restrooms. Upon completion, the school will have 30 restrooms, which means the student-to-restroom ratio will be 35:1 (meeting even K-12 school standards in the United States). After we address the immediate for more restrooms, we will be constructing three additional classrooms to bring the total number of classrooms to 25. These added classrooms will improve the student-to-teacher ratio to 42:1. We are thrilled about this major expansion as we know it will make a tremendous impact on the lives of these and future students in Olasiti. We are prioritizing all funds at this time to go towards these needs.

Construction 500 x 264

A classroom can be constructed for $11,000, and a desk can be built for $50. Read about what your donation can do on our Donate Page and how you can be recognized for your contribution.