Why Give The Gift Of Hope?

We Maximize the Impact of Your Donation
Because of our established relationship with the village governments and local suppliers where we work, we are able to obtain significant cost savings on material and labor.Once a classroom is constructed, the Tanzanian government will provide and pay the salary for a new teacher.

There Is Tremendous Need
Since most of the villagers live on less than $1 a day, they sorely lack the resources to fund new classrooms for their village. Together, we can accelerate learning and change lives.

We Value Your Donation

AIA is run solely by volunteers, and 95% of all donations are directed for program expenses (such as building classrooms and desks) and 5% are reserved for administrative expenses (such as costs associated with mailing letters to our donors).

Donations are not used for travel to Africa, in accordance with our bylaws, and all AIA volunteers and leadership fund their own travel separately.

AIA ensures that we are in compliance with all federal and state tax filings every year.

frequently asked questions

1) Can I receive a deduction on my taxes by making a donation?
Yes. AIA has 501(c)3 tax-exempt status from the US Federal Government, so we are able to send you a receipt for your donation.

2) How do I receive the tax deduction?

We will mail you a receipt that you can file with your taxes.

3) Do I need a PayPal account to make an online donation?

No. You can choose the option of making your donation as a Guest through PayPal.

4) How do I donate from a group fundraiser?
If you are donating by check, include a note providing the name of the group(s) that the donation is from. If you are donating online, please email this information to
donate@achieveinafrica.org so that we can properly attribute the donation to your group.

5) Can I donate school supplies to AIA?
AIA does not generally accept donations of school supplies because of the high cost of shipping these items to Africa. Monetary donations make a greater impact as supplies can be purchased locally at low cost.

6) Can I make a donation on behalf of someone else?
Yes. If you are donating with a check, include a note with this request and the honoree’s full name and mailing address. If you are donating online, please send an email with this information to donate@achieveinafrica.org.

7) Does the person I donate on behalf of receive a confirmation letter?
Upon request, AIA will send a letter confirming your donation to the designated honoree. To indicate that you have made a donation on behalf of someone else, please reference question 6.