Dear Friends and Supporters,

It is truly bittersweet for us to say that at the end of 2017, Achieve in Africa will discontinue operations.  While we will no longer raise funds, the schools that we constructed will continue to operate as public schools and serve the mission of providing children with the opportunity to reach their full potential, lead better lives, and inspire future generations.

Since 2009, Achieve in Africa has worked in rural villages of Tanzania to refurbish and expand Olasiti Primary School, provide a community learning center to Ulolela Village, and construct a village’s first secondary school – Olasiti Secondary School, which now serves over 1,200 students.  These incredible outcomes could not have been accomplished without your support.

The decision to end operations came after reflecting on what to do next now that we have completed construction on Olasiti Secondary School.  As a purely volunteer-run organization, we determined that we do not have the capacity at this time to undertake another multi-year construction project.  However, we know there is still pressing work to be done and that the momentum we have created cannot end.

Brendan recently joined the volunteer Board of Directors for AfricAid, whose mission is to support girls’ education in Africa to provide young women with the opportunity to transform their lives and the futures of their communities. AfricAid does phenomenal work by equipping girls to reach their full potential through two mentoring programs for upper and lower secondary girls in northern Tanzania, the same region where Achieve in Africa has worked. Over the past seven years, more than 2,000 young women have been trained as leaders through AfricAid’s Kisa Project (a two-year program for upper level girls). The organization is currently serving over 2,100 across both programs, Kisa and Binti Shupavu, a four-year program for lower level girls. Next year, that number will jump to over 4,000! Excitingly, 98% of Kisa graduates attend university, compared to the national average of 3%. AfricAid employs university-educated Tanzanian women to implement its programs and, by demonstrating what girls can achieve, is helping to increase the standing of women in Tanzanian society.

We thank you for all of your support over the years.  We utilized our remaining funds to construct three final classrooms to complete Olasiti Secondary School, and we are not seeking any additional donations for Achieve in Africa.  We ask that you turn your focus now to AfricAid to learn more about their great work by visiting  Please note that we will not share your information with AfricAid.  We hope that you visit their website and consider making a donation.  To stay informed with Africaid’s work, please subscribe to their newsletter.  We look forward to you joining us in this new chapter to support education in Tanzania.


Brendan and Alyssa Callahan
Co-Founders, /