If you build it… They will be thankful

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A few years ago, Olasiti village in northern Tanzania did not have a secondary school. At that time, the students were so eager to attend school that they would hitch rides on the back of supply trucks on the way to a neighboring village with a secondary school. These rides were never free, as students risked injury while riding along bumpy roads next to machinery and lumber. Some female students were subjected to having relations with drivers to pay for the rides, and some of these girls would later become pregnant and drop out of school entirely. Today, a child who grows up in Olasiti village can believe graduating from secondary school is achievable.

Olasiti Secondary School currently serves over 1,000 students in forms 1 through 4 for students aged 14-17. We are proud to share that Olasiti Secondary School ranked 4th out of 25 district schools this year in mock examinations. We are the newest school with the most to prove, and these results are made by the hard work of the students, school administration, and school board.

The school currently has 17 classrooms and 10 bathrooms. To support the growing needs of the school and decrease the student-to-teacher and bathroom ratios, three additional classrooms and 10 additional bathrooms are needed. We are prioritizing all funds at this time to go toward this need.

We are grateful for your past support to allow us to build this incredible school. We ask that you consider helping these students once again through a tax-deductible donation, of which 95%+ of every dollar will go directly to the cause.

We encourage you to consider writing a check or donating online to support education in Olasiti village by providing classrooms and bathrooms for this village’s first secondary school. Asante sana rafiki (thank you very much my friend) for your support!