Major Expansion Underway at Olasiti Secondary School

Classroom Under Construction

Hello everyone, we have some great updates to share!  Olasiti Secondary School is expanding to meet the needs of students who are attending the village’s first secondary school.  The school currently serves 1,060 students and has 17 classrooms and 10 restrooms.  Given the number of students, we completed construction on an additional classroom and partnered with the local government to construct an additional four classrooms, bringing the new total to 22 classrooms.

Classroom with Plaster

We are now in the beginning stages of constructing an additional 20 restrooms.  Upon completion, the school will have 30 restrooms, which means the student-to-restroom ratio will be 35:1 (meeting even K-12 school standards in the United States).  After we address the immediate for more restrooms, we will be constructing three additional classrooms to bring the total number of classrooms to 25.  These added classrooms will improve the student-to-teacher ratio to 42:1.  We are thrilled about this major expansion as we know it will make a tremendous impact on the lives of these and future students in Olasiti.

New Classroom Exterior