Progress Update, New Classroom Nearly Complete!

Hi everyone,

The rainy season is in full swing in Tanzania. Despite all of the rain, we’re excited to share that our latest classroom under construction for Olasiti Secondary School is nearing completion. Within just a few short weeks, we’ll be starting construction on another classroom! These classrooms are critical as they create additional space for the 1,037 students now attending the school. This classroom pictured below is the first of a double classroom construction project.

The worker below is rinsing the classroom floor with water so that he can continue to smooth the cement before it completely hardens.

You will also see what appears to be a blackboard on the wall. The blackboard is actually part of the wall. It’s a thick layer of cement that is eventually painted with several coats of black paint. When you write on it with chalk, you can’t tell it’s any different than a normal blackboard.

Stay tuned for our next post, which will be about one of our team members (Ric Rivera) who previously served as our Treasurer. He is taking a leave of absence from his volunteer work with us as he is currently deployed oversees serving with the U.S. Navy. We’ll bring you his story shortly!