Tanzania – Updates & Lots of Photos!

After a busy three weeks in one of Africa’s most interesting countries, we are back in the states. It was an educational, exciting, and adventure-filled time in Tanzania. We’ve got a ton of updates to provide, direct from the field!

Below is a photo of the grounds at the secondary school – everything looks quite small from such a distance, but you can use the large land-rover on the left for scale!

You can see that the classrooms have seen some major progress since our last post.


We were both amazed to see how engaged the kids were. Even with us interrupting class sessions…



The lunch program and garden (FULLY funded by the students and their families) are well underway! In these photos the children are enjoying a mixture of local beans and corn, prepared at the school.

 Takes a bit of teamwork to deliver lunch to every classroom!


When they’re not studying, the students love playing ball!


And showing off what they’re learning in English class.


Thank you for supporting education in Africa!!!