The Progress We’ve Seen in 2014

Dear Friend,

“After working with Achieve in Africa for almost two years, I travelled to Tanzania for the first time to visit the primary and secondary schools in Olasiti village that have been supported by your generous donations. I funded the trip personally (Achieve in Africa does not spend donations on travel). As you walk from classroom to classroom, it becomes instantly clear that the students are engaged and excited to learn. They participate actively, take copious notes, and attack the material with an amazing voracity that leaves you looking around for where they are all hiding their coffee. In short, they get it. They understand that education is the key to their futures. If we can help give students the infrastructure they need to learn, they will take care of the rest.”  – Warren Wuerthner, Achieve in Africa Board Member & Committee Chair

Due to extreme poverty in the village and limited funds available from Government resources, Olasiti village has never had a secondary school (equivalent of middle school and high school in the U.S.), leaving its students who graduate from primary school with no other options. Building Olasiti Secondary School has been our primary focus, and it currently serves over 800 students in three grades. In January 2015, another 150 students will arrive excited for an opportunity to learn. We are constructing new classrooms and desks to make room for these new students. In 2016 and 2017, 150 more students are expected each year, requiring additional classrooms, desks, and bathrooms. Upon completion, Olasiti Secondary School will offer grades 7-12 and serve approximately 1,250 students each year. 

We are excited to announce that, through the end of this year, the James B. Kisgen Family Foundation will be matching donations up to $6,000! Your donation will be matched dollar per dollar until we reach that amount.

We are grateful for your past support, and ask that you consider helping these students once again through a tax-deductible donation, of which 95% of every dollar will go directly to the cause. Through this matching campaign, the impact of your generosity will be doubled.

We encourage you to consider writing a check or donating online at to support education in Olasiti village by providing classrooms, desks, and bathrooms for this village’s first secondary school. Asante sana rafiki (thank you very much my friend) for your support!


Brendan and Alyssa Callahan, Co-Founders /